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Plastic Surgery for Resting “Rich” Face?

grumpy cat figurine

grumpy cat figurineOh, to be a filthy-rich celeb. Millions upon millions at your disposal, teams of people at your beck and call and all the best products within your reach.

We’ve all sat back and wondered what we would do if we had that fame and money. And if real-life celebs are anything to go by, the answer all too often is to freeze our faces.

Move Over RBF; RRF Is Here

Once upon a time, resting rich face meant that Joan Rivers look: too-tight skin pulled over the facial bones, creating an unnatural, wind-blown appearance. It wasn’t pretty, and it really gave facelifts and facial plastic surgery in general a bad rep. Now, celebs are getting the best facelifts and other procedures that money can buy, and the RRF has transformed into something new.

What does this look like? Think Nicole Kidman. Flawless to the point of uncanny valley territory. Ageless despite being well into their fifth decade. Smooth but not tight, a youthfulness at home on an adolescent face but perhaps not quite right on someone over 40.

It’s that Hollywood look that only money — and a lot of it — can buy.

Resting rich face, for most, is an unattainable look, and one the average person doesn’t actually want.

The Cost of Resting Rich Face

Pretty ain’t cheap. We all know this. When it comes to makeup, skin care and certainly med spas and plastic surgery, you get what you pay for. We’ve all had that experience standing in front of a selection of lip colors or skin creams trying to figure out the right balance between price and effectiveness for our budget, picking up that one that our favorite actress just swears by and putting it back in exchange for the mid-tier model.

No shame in the game.

But celebs? They aren’t putting back that serum because of the price tag. They’re buying it and everything else top-tier. Plus getting regular professional skin treatments, lasering off the upper layers of skin, microneedling anywhere they suspect there might be sagging and getting all the surgeries. Just all of them, ladies.

So, what exactly does this add up to in a year? For the average rich and famous person haunting LA, somewhere around 200k. And if that figure just knocked the air out of your lungs, you aren’t alone. But hey, only the best of the best for the West Coast elite, right?

OK, but what about the A-listers? It’s hard to pin down a figure since it varies based on age and personal preferences, but honestly, dropping a good half a million, perhaps more, on skincare, beauty products and surgery isn’t out of the question. After all, their appearance is often central to their appeal and success.

But What about the Average Jane?

You don’t need to spend the price of a mortgage on your face — and chances are you don’t want that oddly flawless look anyhow. If you are going for surgery, look for the top facelift surgeon in an area that isn’t as expensive as LA. As for other treatments, shop around for quality med spa options that don’t break the bank — and yes, they do exist.

And next time you’re at Ulta or Sephora, go ahead and splurge a little. We won’t tell.

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Plastic Surgery for Resting “Rich” Face?
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Plastic Surgery for Resting “Rich” Face?
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