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Plastic Surgery for Professional Reasons

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery As a plastic surgeon in Denver, I regularly see the cosmetic effects that occur from living sporty, rugged lifestyles in the arid mountain climate. Premature aging is not uncommon, and having medical spa treatments to correct sun damage, fine lines and other imperfections is on the rise, particularly considering today’s competitive job market.

The Realities of Ageism

The current economic climate has caused a great deal of anxiety among job seekers who have found themselves displaced as they’re approaching middle age. While it certainly isn’t commendable, many potential employers tend to shun older applicants in favor of recent college graduates who might be decades younger. As a result, older job seekers have turned to medical spa treatments in order to freshen their appearance and make themselves look more relevant to head hunters and management teams.

Staying ahead of the Professional Game

Even patients who are currently employed have been seeking rejuvenation treatments. Stress, lack of sleep and all of the accompaniments of a high-pressure profession can take a toll on a person’s appearance. Reducing some of the more visible signs of aging can not only help give the impression of confidence, but can also boost self-assurance and poise, two qualities that really matter in the workplace.

Denver plastic surgery centers have seen an uptick of BOTOX®, dermal fillers and medical-grade skin care treatments since the beginning of the economic downturn. These medical spa treatments offer a minimally invasive option for restoring and preserving a youthful glow.

If you’ve been having concerns about your job prospects, shaving a few years off of your appearance just might be the professional boost you’ve been looking for.

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