New Lines from Squinting All Summer? How BOTOX® Can Help

BOTOX Can Help

So, our only choices in the summer are cowering indoors, allowing our retinasBOTOX Can Help to burn from the blazing sun, or developing crinkly crow’s feet? Great.

Of course not! Although squinting is sometimes involuntary, medical science has developed an excellent anti-squinting tool that’s accessible to nearly everyone: BOTOX®!

Why We Squint

During the sunny summer months, when we’re all lounging outside and enjoying a few weeks of spirit-nourishing warmth, very often—even when we’re wearing protective sunglasses and visors—our facial muscles respond to the seasonal glare by narrowing our eyes. If we are sensitive to light, squinting can make the brightness more tolerable. Sometimes we squint, grimace and frown in order to see more clearly. The act of squinting redirects the rays towards the fovea, the area of the retina that allows us to detect fine visual details.

As we get older, we find ourselves squinting both indoors and out, and more often. When our eyes age, the lenses can become inflexible and unable to adjust. We squint and frown when we read, look at our computers and use our smartphones. Our constant facial tension sometimes even causes us to squint in our sleep! Noooooooo…

Our aging skin eventually becomes less able to bounce back from the creases squinting and frowning cause, and lines become etched into the face.

How BOTOX® Squashes the Squint

BOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the mightiest weapons we have in the battle against squint-related wrinkling. BOTOX® treatments render key facial muscles immobile for a few months, which not only prevents us from furrowing our brows unnecessarily, but also smoothes out existing lines and wrinkles, helping you keep your youthful beach bunny beauty!

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