Muffin Top Madness Got You Down?

Muffin Top Madness

From fifteen all the way Muffin Top Madnessdown the long road to older age, hormonal changes and aging can make staying slim and feeling sexy an ongoing struggle. The stomach seems to be an area that gives most of us more grief than it should, with its constant cries for an extra cupcake or its stubborn refusal to fit into a new top, and many of us find a few extra rolls are always poking out somewhere.

If muffin top madness has you down, maybe it’s time to take the plunge and consider cosmetic surgery to combat that excess fat that’s sticking around.

The Reasons for Your Buddha Belly

Men and women gain and hold weight differently, but it’s not uncommon for both sexes to have a bit of extra fat around the stomach. A high-sugar diet, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and even a congested liver can all contribute to that belly bubbling over.

Eating right and exercising are both good steps in the right direction, but some areas of the body just won’t respond to lifestyle changes, no matter how regularly you hit the gym.

Liposuction for a Muffin Top

When the going gets tough, liposuction can eliminate a muffin top so you’re not popping out of those low-rise jeans.

Through tiny incisions around your not-so-lovely love handles, your liposuction surgeon can suck that fat away, leaving you with smoother, more streamlined contours. If you’re also concerned with separated abdominals or baggy stomach skin, consider combining liposuction with a tummy tuck. Goodbye muffin top… helloooo pencil skirt!

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