Liposuction Becoming More Popular Among Military Members

Military Members

Military Members Many of America’s military members are finding it harder to comply with the strict physical fitness standards set forth by the United States Department of Defense; this is leading to a growing number of enlisted personnel pursuing liposuction in order to meet these standards. Is lipo really the right answer for those in the military?

Current Testing Methods
Military members undergo regular fitness tests to ensure that they can endure rigorous combat missions. The current standard consists of the “tape test,” which estimates body fat composition according to waist and neck measurements. Military officials claim that there is a direct correlation between these measurements and actual physical endurance. Currently, enlisted personnel who fail the tape test must enter probationary periods involving mandatory exercise programs, and can ultimately be denied promotions or even discharged.

Critics of the current requirements argue that measurements alone cannot determine a person’s true physical fitness; many health and fitness experts are calling for a more comprehensive approach to these tests. As some detractors have pointed out, many NFL athletes would not pass these same fitness tests, regardless of their excellent physical condition.

Is Lipo the Right Solution?
Many enlisted personnel still fall short of the current guidelines despite their best efforts. Yet, while liposuction is becoming increasingly popular among these frustrated members of the military who want to avoid the embarrassment and professional ramifications of failing their fitness test, is it the most ethical option? Ultimately, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that should be performed for yourself, and not in an attempt to live up to someone else’s standards, even when those standards are mandated by the U.S. military.

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