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Is Scrotox the Next Big Trend?


ScrotoxYou’ve likely heard of vaginal rejuvenation by now, right? Well, “scrotox” just might be its new counterpart for the fellas. In case this cute play on words didn’t quite spell it out enough, scrotox focuses on giving male private parts a little oomph of their own for obvious and even some not-so-obvious reasons.

What Is Scrotox, and Are Men Really Lining Up for It?

   What man wouldn’t want to take a laser or shock therapy treatment to their nether regions for the sake of looking a little bigger or more attractive down there? 

In essence, that’s precisely what scrotox aims to do.

In the past, injectable hyaluronic acid fillers and fat transfer methods have been used as penile size enhancers, but most guys would probably agree that those options sound a bit risky. For such a small area, there sure is a lot of room for error.

Now, methods like laser treatment and shock therapy might prove to get the job done much better than before, although you still might want to wait until these have been perfected before jumping in line for yours.

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These kinds of treatments might work by stimulating blood flow, which could mean that they may also be used to help treat erectile dysfunction, whether due to age or health issues.

Whether or not you’re sold on scrotox or vaginal rejuvenation for that matter, the bottom line is that whatever you do, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing these kinds of procedures. The last thing you want to do is skimp on skill in these departments.

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