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Is Plastic Surgery the Last Step after Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

Remember when youattractive and young blond woman showing how much weight she los used to reward yourself for finishing off your to-do list with a delicious bowl of ice cream? Heck no. You busted your buns of steel to get to your goal weight, and comfort food is a thing of the past. But maybe a little bit of self-reward in other forms could do you some good. Now that you’ve put in the work, is post-weight body contouring the next step?

Finishing Touches

If you dropped big numbers during your long-standing fitness montage, you may be looking at a few unfair realities. Drastic weight loss can lead to excess, sagging skin, and certain stubborn pockets of fat have a knack for overstaying their welcome, not that they ever had one. This is where the wonders of body contouring come in. Tummy tucks can successfully remove and tighten excess skin around the abdomen, and liposuction can be used for the targeted treatment of fat deposits in problem areas. Stated simply, a makeover with body contouring can provide your hard earned physique with a final brush of beauty.

The Fat Will Stay Off

Past a certain age, your body stops making additional fat cells. What this means is that the cells removed by liposuction and abdominoplasty are gone for good. That’s right. Once removed, fat cells will no longer appear in areas targeted by body contouring, and additional weight will not be redistributed to these areas. It’s important to keep up your healthy lifestyle to avoid fat appearing elsewhere, but your godly sculpted abs are there to stay after body contouring.

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