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Is Ab Crack the New Thigh Gap?

Thigh Gap

Thigh GapIf you’ve been trying in vain to whittle away your thighs in order to obtain the coveted thigh gap, I’ve got news for you. Thigh gaps are so 2015, so you can give up that impossible dream. After all, achieving space between your upper thigh area isn’t anatomically possible for all women, and I’ve got a better trend for you to get hyped about: the ab crack.

What Is an Ab Crack?

The ab crack is the concave space that runs down the midline of the torso, from the breastbone to the belly button. If what you see as you gaze at your stomach doesn’t quite fit the description of “ab crack,” don’t despair. An ab crack doesn’t show up overnight. It’s achieved through winning the genetic lottery, having very little body fat and working out like your life depended on it.

Fashion’s Hottest Trend

    In case you haven’t noticed, toned abs are fashion’s hottest accessory.

Crop tops are trending with a vengeance, and women everywhere are flaunting their ab cracks for all they’re worth. Let’s say you want in on the fun, but you’re pretty sure you could swear off carbs for life and do Pilates until you die without attaining an ab crack. I know a little trick for how to get statement abs.

How to Get Statement Abs

If you don’t happen to be genetically gifted or have zero percent body fat, your stomach may need a little help to get that toned look. For people with loose abdominal skin or diastasis recti, a tummy tuck can remove hanging skin and repair weakened stomach muscles for a much hotter midsection. Meanwhile, liposuction can target stubborn fat deposits for an overall toned look. You may not get an ab crack, but your abs will certainly make a statement.

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