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If You Can’t Be a Princess, You Could Get a Princess’ Nose

Princess Nose

Princess NoseLots of little girls want to be princesses when they grow up, but only a select few will ever see that reality. Lucky for you, if you’re dreaming of looking more like Princess Meghan Markel, you do have a few need-to-know nose job options.

Surgical Nose Job

Ever since the royal wedding, plastic surgeons across the country have seen a rise in the number of requests for Meghan Markel’s nose. And we’ve gotta hand it to her, she does happen to have a pretty perfectly-shaped honker.

But if yours isn’t quite the dreamy nose you’d like, you can have a surgical nose job, medically referred to as rhinoplasty, to reshape or even reposition your nose.

Nonsurgical Nose Job Options

Surgery is one option. Another option is to ask your plastic surgeon about the magical “liquid” nose job. If you want to get technical, this nonsurgical option uses dermal filler injections to temporarily give you your fairytale nose.

If you’re on the fence about rhinoplasty, a liquid nose job lets you test drive your results first without committing to surgery.

What Do I Need to Know before Opting in for a Nose Job?

Admiring a celebrity’s nose is one thing, but loving it so much that you want to have it for yourself can put yourself into some dangerous waters. Before getting a nose job, double check that both of your feet are planted firmly on the ground, and pluck your head out of the clouds.

While it’s fine to bring in photos of your wishlist to your plastic surgeon, it’s not so reasonable to expect to come out looking like the Princess herself. Bottom line: Ms. Markel’s nose is great, but yours is, too.

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If You Can’t Be a Princess, You Could Get a Princess’ Nose
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If You Can’t Be a Princess, You Could Get a Princess’ Nose
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