How to Breeze Your Way Right On Through Your Lipo Recovery

Lipo Recovery

Jumping happy girl on the beach Now that you’ve gotten liposuction, you clearly want to get out and enjoy your new fabulous body, right? Hold on there, tiger. Spending your hard-earned cash on a cosmetic procedure is downright foolish if you don’t take the necessary steps to make the results as perfect as they could be. Before you go off on any hard-partying vacations in celebration of your new physique, make sure you follow these guidelines for your liposuction recovery:

Rest Up

You just had surgery! Give your body time to recover, and get plenty of restorative sleep. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to remain bed-bound (or even housebound) for any great length of time, but you should avoid as many common stresses as you possibly can in order to facilitate a quick recovery and avoid complications.

Eat Well

Good nutrition is always essential, and that goes double after surgery. Stay hydrated, and avoid salty or overly processed foods. Everything you eat or drink should help you with your recovery, not make it more difficult.

Wear Your Compression Garments

Compression garments are an incredibly important part of keeping your new shape in line, and they help keep swelling down, too. Make sure you stay vigilant about wearing your garments for as long as your surgeon recommends.

Get that Blood Flowing

You have to maintain good circulation so that you avoid blood clotting and other problems. Start walking at an easy pace as soon as possible after surgery, and be sure to stay mildly active throughout the healing process.

And finally…

Listen to Your Body

Do not ignore any signs of trouble, like excessive pain, tiredness, or failure of your incision site to heal. If you’re worried, call your plastic surgeon. That’s what the phone number is there for.

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