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How Many Nose Jobs Would You Get to Look Like a Celebrity?

Look Like a Celebrity

Look Like a CelebrityListen, we all have our favorite celebs and girl crushes. But would you get a bunch of nose jobs just to look like a star or influencer? 

Or, like, even one nose job?

Hey, you may be smart enough to know that plastic surgery is meant to enhance your looks, not become someone else. But not everyone knows that. 

Enter Instagram Model Wanessa Moura

This influencer has an obsession. And that obsession is Penelope Cruz. Over the years, she has spent over $20,000 just to look like her idol. 

So far, she’s had four surgeries, including multiple nose jobs, over the last eight years in hopes of mimicking the features of the Spanish beauty. And, well, let’s just say close (sort of) but no cigar.

Hey, maybe surgery number five will do the trick?

But There’s Nothing Wrong with Getting a Nose Job

Even if you don’t want to look like a celeb, if you’d like to improve your nose, do it!

Wanessa may have gone overboard in her quest to become Cruz, but that doesn’t mean getting a nose job is being extra. There are plenty of nose job benefits that you should feel fine taking advantage of. Like:

  • Being happier with your appearance
  • Getting the chance to skip a little contouring in the mornings
  • Breathing better (hello deviated septum)
  • Reshaping the nostrils
  • Bringing your facial features into harmony

Girl, if you want a nose job, don’t be afraid to get one!

What to Know about Nose Job Results

First, know that your results are unique to you. Your surgery will be customized based on the changes you want to achieve. For some people, this is just shaving the bone and little where a nasal hump is present. For others, it means breaking the nose so it can heal properly.

Because the techniques used are different, so are the results. 

But we know what the big question is. When will you see nose job results

This is also going to vary between people. No matter the technique used, you should anticipate swelling and bruising immediately after surgery.

Fun, I know.

This will obscure your results for a while. So maybe don’t look in the mirror too soon after surgery as it can totally mess with your head. 

Once your splint is removed, your results still won’t be visible. There might be enough of a difference to hint at what is to come, but the swelling, and even some bruising, are going to linger for quite some time. 

Typically, after about 6 weeks, swelling will go down enough that you should be able to assess whether or not you are happy with the final product. However, this is not the final result. That takes even longer.

A lot longer.

How much longer, you ask?

Well … a year.

Yeah, a whole year. I know, I know, not what you wanted to hear. But don’t panic. Once you reach that six-week mark, your nose will mostly look like you want it to. In fact, the remaining swelling is usually minor enough that you won’t realize the difference until you are fully healed and looking back at photos. 

While the timeline is long, the results are worth it. So, if you are unhappy with your nose, get a little work done, lady. 

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How Many Nose Jobs Would You Get to Look Like a Celebrity?
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How Many Nose Jobs Would You Get to Look Like a Celebrity?
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