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Got an Eiffel Tower Nose? Want One?

Eiffel Tower Nose

Eiffel Tower NoseHaving plastic surgery on a certain part of the body to make yourself look like a celebrity is old news. We’re talking to you Ms. Give-Me-A-Kim-K-Booty and Ms. Make-My-Boobs-Like-Kate-Upton’s. These days, world-famous monuments are one of the newest inspirations for nipping and tucking, and France’s iconic Eiffel Tower is at the top of that list.

Is Your Face Your Real Resume?

If you think the U.S. job market is tough, apparently China’s is a whole new ballgame. As young job seekers face stiff competition for good jobs in the Land of the Rising Sun, many Chinese are updating their appearance as much as they update their resumes. Cosmetic procedures in China are up by 40 percent in recent years, as many feel that their appearance can better gain the attention of recruiters than their experience and credentials.

The “Eiffel Nose”

At the risk of feeding stereotypes, most Chinese have a fairly flat, unpronounced nose. Cosmetic surgeons all over China are offering the “Eiffel nose” which involves rhinoplasty to give the nose the same aesthetically-pleasing slopes and angles as the iconic monument. Eiffel nose recipients believe that they needed cosmetic surgery to help them stand out in the mass of other job applicants and gain a competitive edge.

This trend towards imitating inanimate objects through cosmetic procedures shouldn’t be limited to the Chinese. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, maybe you should pass on the Glamour magazine for inspiration and pick up a National Geographic instead. Do breasts like the top of the TajMahal or abs like the statue of David, anyone?

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