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Finally, There’s Help for the Hung-Like-a-Hamster Crowd

man smiling

man smiling Men who don’t have a whole lot going on downstairs are sometimes vexed by their shortcomings. Although their lack of endowment isn’t immediately apparent to the general public (thank God for pants), the prospect of the “reveal” can be stressful nonetheless. Don’t worry, littler guys—help is finally here!

This injection directly into your spongy erectile tissue—mercy, we just heard you scream right through the LED screen. Really, a series of injections are a small price to pay to rid yourself of your embarrassing smallness. (Not that you should be embarrassed, of course. Because size doesn’t matter, right fellas?)

Anyway. The Priapus Shot™ can help you gain the size and strength that will help you with confidence and performance. Don’t be shamed by what nature failed to fully provide. Give yourself the gift of girth!

Legit Small Penis Enlargement

The Priapus Shot™ (named after the Greek God of huge schlongs) is a treatment that builds collagen in the penis, facilitating tissue growth and an increase in both length and thickness. The treatments, when combined with the use of a vacuum pump, can achieve results that can last anywhere between 18 months and forever. The shot also helps to increase blood flow to the penis, so the quality of your erections may also improve.

Now, you probably won’t go from microscopic to porn star, but otherwise healthy nonsmokers have gotten great results. Men typically notice an increase of between 10 and 20 percent of their length and thickness, with the most dramatic increase being the thickness. Although there is noticeable growth fairly quickly after treatment, the bulk of the increase typically occurs several weeks post. The best part? You can put your new, bigger baby to use as soon as you want, because there’s no downtime! Woo hoo!

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