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Easiest Nose Job Ever

Easiest Nose Job

Did You Say Something About Your Nose?

Easiest Nose JobYou probably hate it when your nose sticks out. You go to all the trouble of looking cute (makeup, hair, clothes) and all anyone looks at is your nose. You feel like you may as well be a couple of nostrils walking around on two legs, like some sort of hallucinogenic allergy commercial.

Getting a nose job is a tough call. I get it. It’s a pretty painful procedure and it can take a while to get back on your feet again (back on your nose again?).

Luckily, I did some digging, and it turns out there’s a solution to this nasally problem: a non surgical nose job.

Now, it may sound kind of like a gimmick (but, hey, so does dry shampoo, and that works wonders!), but it’s a gimmick that works. Essentially, a non surgical nose job is the easiest nose job ever.

Here’s how it works: You go in, you get a few injections, you love your nose. What could be easier? Nothing. That’s why it’s the easiest.

What’s in This Magic Nose Job, Anyway?

Okay, okay, you’re probably wondering what miracle goo they’re actually injecting into your nose. And that’s good. You should be wondering that (there’s nothing wrong with knowing more about anything that goes into your body).

It turns out that the injections for a non surgical nose job are not all that different from the injections you might get if you wanted to nix a few wrinkles. It’s called a dermal filler, and it was originally developed to fill volume in the face.

Using it to fill volume in your nose is, actually, well, pretty smart. Because here’s the thing: until it sets, any dermal filler injection (like Voluma or Radiesse) is kind of soft. Which means that it can be molded.

So here’s how it works: you get an injection, your surgeon will “mold” it, and you get a brand new nose. It’s not quite magic. But it might feel that way when people stop staring at your nose

Won’t This Just Make My Big Nose Bigger?

Your nose is kind of like meat: it’s all about proportion. A non surgical nose job like this one won’t be able to make your nose smaller, but it might be able to make your nose look better by changing those proportions. (In other words, you can eat a big steak if you have a big salad, too.)

Look, the biggest benefit to this not-totally-magical nose job is this: you get instant results. And you don’t have to suffer through a long recovery. It’s true, a surgical procedure will produce more substantial results. But when you’ve only got a few minor quibbles to contend with, a non surgical approach might be just what the doctor ordered.

Pun totally intended.

If you want the easiest nose job ever, non surgical is definitely the way to go. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone finally stopped staring at your nose? (Silly question, of course it would!)

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