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“Cinderella Surgery” and 3 More Crazy Cosmetic Trends

Glass Slipper

Glass SlipperEvery few years a new off-the-wall cosmetic surgery trend arises and gets covered excessively on the 24/7 news shows. Here are some of the stranger procedures to get coverage recently, for better or for worse.

  1. Cinderella Surgery

    The huge popularity of sky-high heels ushered in by Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” changed not only fashion but also the field of cosmetic surgery. Now podiatrists and cosmetic foot surgeons are fielding ” Cinderella surgery” requests from women who want designer shoes to fit more easily and comfortably. This can involve toe shortening, bunion removal, and even fat injections for additional padding.

  2. Smile Lipt (“Grin Lift”)

    In South Korea, a new cosmetic procedure called the smile “lipt” (lip + lift) is designed to lift the corners of the mouth to create an upturned appearance to lips on a passive face and a more defined smile. Perhaps this could be the solution for the epidemic known as “angry resting face“?

  3. Eyelash Transplants

    When false eyelashes just won’t do, some women are turning to surgical augmentation of eyelashes. This procedure is rather risky and can result in all sorts of complications, some of which can threaten vision. It’s best to stick with good old falsies or try a prescription treatment like LATISSE®, designed to help regrow lashes safely and effectively.

  4. Palm Surgery

    Believe it or not, some people are actually seeking cosmetic surgery to alter the lines on their palms to help redirect their fortunes. Plastic surgeons in Japan are using fine electric scalpels to carve out new love lines and life lines in patients’ palms in order to change their destinies, bringing a whole new definition to the phrase “life-changing surgery.”

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