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Caution: Do Not Wear Breast Implants while… Pole Dancing?

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer

Mercy. Imagine what the adult entertainment industry would become if breast implants weren’t safe for standard stripper activities. The dancers might as well wear overalls.

All right, so there was that highly publicized story about a pole dancer who ruptured an implant while, uh, performing. However, these particular circumstances would have been injurious to anyone, regardless of augmentation standards. In other words, bumping and grinding up against a stripper pole won’t cause an implant to burst, although falling from a great height directly onto your chest might. (It could also result in fractured bones, concussions, broken teeth, internal injuries, and other serious problems.)

Breast Implant Safety

Basically, your breast implants are pretty much as safe as the rest of you. There’s no more reason to expect your implants to rupture while exercising than there is to expect your hips to shatter. In some cases, the hips might be more vulnerable than the implants.

So, what activities can you reasonably perform post-augmentation surgery? Well, there’s no reason to expect that you couldn’t do everything another woman with the same breast size can do. Yoga, cross-country skiing, running, CrossFit, speed-walking, and snowboarding are all pastimes enjoyed by the cosmetically-enhanced big-boobed amongst us.

Experiencing some reservations about engaging in high-impact activities post-breast augmentation is perfectly natural. Of course, you should heal completely and get your bearings before you attempt any strenuous activities. Your new breast size might take some getting used to, but once you’ve become accustomed to your new size, feel free to enjoy them both on the pole and off! Just don’t launch yourself off the pole.

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