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Breakup Got You Down? Try Revenge Plastic Surgery!

Plastic Surgery

Beautiful brunette Assuming that the reason for your breakup wasn’t because of your reluctance to get cosmetic surgery, revenge plastic surgery might be a creative way to let your ex know how willing you are to make him/her feel like crap.

In all seriousness, don’t get cosmetic surgery specifically to affect your ex. Chances are, your ex is not going to care, and it’s a pretty expensive and time-consuming road to revenge failure. But, if you’re feeling down because your partnership imploded, and you just want to spruce yourself up a bit as a means of moving forward, then absolutely – have that tummy tuck! You’ve earned it!

Here are a few other options:

  1. Breast augmentation

    Breast augmentation is a classic revenge surgery procedure. A few ccs, and BOOM! Suddenly your dating market value has absolutely skyrocketed.

  2. Mommy makeover

    Mommy makeovers reverse the aesthetic ills of childbearing. Sagging, drooping, flopping, etc., all eliminated. Give yourself the gift of a nice, tight body and feel great about yourself. (That’s more than your ex ever did.)

  3. Liposuction

    Strategically remove obnoxious pockets of fat, just as you’ve strategically removed that huge pocket of fat that’s shaped like your ex.

  4. Facial procedures

    The eyelids, brows, or the entire face can be lifted and freshened, giving you a younger and more rested look. (Almost like you’ve spent the past two weeks in Bali eating tapas off of the glistening abs of your personal trainer.)

  5. There really is no better way to lift the spirits than to look fantastic, and there’s huge assortment of cosmetic options that can help ease the pain of a difficult breakup or divorce. Just make sure you’re doing it for yourself alone – your ex is probably too busy frantically booking hair plug appointments to notice you anyway.

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