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A Facial for Your… Butt?

Sexy buttocks

There’s no denying that the Sexy back of a beautiful woman in bikini. Sexy buttocks butt is having a cultural moment. Until JLo burst on the scene several decades ago and flaunted her assets everywhere from dance routines to the red carpet, little attention had been given to the derriere. A lot has changed since then.

Baby Got Back

The trend pendulum quickly swung from the heroin chic style of the nineties to today’s celebrated boot-ay. Now hordes of women flock to plastic surgeons to enhance their hinder so they, too, can feel like the object of affection in a Sir Mix-a-Lot song. Woman leery of going under the knife can purchase padded panties instead.

Now that the butt is finally enjoying its proverbial day in the sun, spas are offering up some much needed, rear-end-targeted services. After all, what good is having a sweet old rump o’ smooth skin if you can’t book a spa day for it?

If you’re fond of finding inane ways to part with your hard-earned money, why not sign your butt up for its very own ‘facial’? A kindly spa technician will begin your treatment with an exfoliating scrub. Once your butt’s been gently buffed, small pads will be placed lovingly around your rear. These pads are connected by wires to a machine that will perform a little cosmetic electroshock therapy on you, bringing a whole new meaning to rumpshaker. The technician assures you this treatment replaces 45 minutes of squats you’d otherwise do at the gym. As if.

But Seriously

In reality, the only med spas worth visiting are those that keep treatments exactly where they belong: above the waistline. There are plenty of worthwhile procedures that can rejuvenate parts of the body that see the light of day a lot more often than the backside.

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