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4 Ways Liposuction Alternatives Fall Short

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Woman in blue We all know that taking the easy way out is generally not the ideal method for getting superior results from nearly any endeavor. The same holds true for nonsurgical alternatives to traditional tumescent liposuction. Here are a few reasons I urge my patients to go for the real thing if beautiful body contouring results are their top priority.

  1. Inconsistent Results

    Non-invasive body contouring options like Thermage®, CoolSculpting® and others generally don’t deliver consistent results. Some patients finally see passable improvement after several months of regular treatments, but a more impressive outcome is possible with just one lipo appointment.

  2. Unimpressive Outcomes

    Ultimately, all these nonsurgical techniques – whether they involve lasers, ultrasound, cryotherapy, injections, or traditional healing herbs administered by a shaman – all fall short for the same reason: the results just aren’t as impressive as what’s achievable with lipo. Be careful not to waste your money on wishful thinking when liposuction has been proven safe and effective after many years of use.

  3. Less Effective Fat Removal

    Nonsurgical fat removal techniques like risky “fat melting” injections full of unregulated chemicals, or ultrasound, laser, and other nonsurgical techniques all fall short for the same reason: they simply can’t remove as much fat as safely and effectively as lipo. While lipo isn’t a solution for significant weight loss, it’s far more effective at actual fat removal than nonsurgical lipo alternatives.

  4. Repeat Sessions Required

    Lipo accomplishes more in one treatment than these other methods can handle in repeated sessions over a number of months. Frankly, your time is more valuable than that. For reliable body contouring, it’s best to stick with liposuction.

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