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4 Gifts NOT to Give for Valentine’s Day

4 Gifts

4 GiftsOh, Valentine’s Day, a holiday filled with pitfalls sure to launch you into a fight with your significant other. If you’re ready to avoid the arguments and disappointments this year, you’d better start preparing by choosing a fantastic, thoughtful present. You know your love best, so we’ll leaving picking a gift up to you, but trust us on the what-not-to-get part.

  1. Something Practical

    Don’t buy her new tires and call it a romantic success. Part of the joy of receiving a gift is getting something you love, yet wouldn’t have bought for yourself. Like, oh, say, those diamond earrings she admired the other day.

  2. Bigger Boobs

    Sure, you might think your love would look phenomenal with bigger boobs. Maybe you even suspect that she secretly wants a boob job. But if she isn’t asking, don’t take it upon yourself to give her the gift of breast implants. Plastic surgery can make a great present when both parties have discussed it, but if you presumptuously buy your sweetheart a boob job, it could be your last Valentine’s Day together.

  3. The Impersonal Gift

    Do not dash into the store and grab the first stuffed animal and heart-shaped box of candy you see. You can be sweeter than that. Put a modicum of thought into your gift-giving and get a gift that means something to your relationship or to your boo.

  4. Nothing

    Worst. Present. Ever. She’d likely appreciate the new tires more than nothing at all on this special day, so reach into your bank account — I mean, your heart — and cough up a little something to show you care. As long as it’s not an unsolicited boob job, you’ll be glad you did.

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