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Seriously, Ladies: Ditch those Breast Reduction Scars

Breast Reduction Scars

Breast Reduction Scars Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as “scarless” breast reduction, and if you’ve already had the “scar-full” version, we’re sorry that you only learned of this now.

What Is Scarless Breast Reduction?

Scarless breast reduction is a significantly less invasive version of traditional breast reduction. The technique involves liposuction of the excess fat deposits in the breasts, which only requires small incisions and means recovery time is far shorter than the standard breast reduction.

Scarless breast reduction can be quite a good alternative for patients who are looking to correct uneven breasts or only slightly reduce their overall breast size. However, if you’re looking for a major reduction in size along with lifting and reshaping the breast (which you are, let’s face it), the scarless technique will do nothing for you except deflate your girls a little around the edges. If you need skin tissue removed and your nipples realigned, there will be scarring, and that’s all there is to it.

Breast Reduction Scar Treatment Options

If you definitely need traditional breast reduction but lay awake nights imagining long, snarling scars nearly as big as the gazongas you’re having reduced, it’s time for a reality check. Breast reduction scars can fade remarkably over time, especially with today’s scar treatment options.

One of the more promising scar treatments is silicone gel/silicone sheets, which can be obtained from drugstores and pharmacies. Naturally, you have the option of prescription steroid preparations, laser treatments and surgical intervention, depending upon the degree of scarring and your surgeon’s recommendation. Such is the glamour of the surgically-reduced boob lifestyle, but it’s well worth the trade-off for the firmer, perkier profile you always wanted.

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