4 BOTOX® Alternatives You Should Definitely Avoid

BOTOX Alternatives

BOTOX AlternativesUnless you’ve been under a rock for the last decade, you know that BOTOX® is a popular and effective way to fight wrinkles. This popular injectable has stood the test of time and remains a favorite of skincare professionals and patients alike. However, many alleged alternatives to BOTOX® have surfaced over the years, and some of them are downright strange and unusual.

  1. Beetox

    Okay, we give them a little credit for product name creativity, but that’s where the praise ends. Beetox is a topical product that uses small doses of bee venom and claims to kick-start collagen production in the skin. The truth is, Beetox has not been proven to dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles the way BOTOX® can.

  2. Cone Snail Venom

    Cone snails use venom to paralyze their enemies and prey, and many products are claiming to use the same ingredient to paralyze the muscles that create wrinkles. Full disclosure: Products claiming to use snail venom are actually using a synthetic ingredient that mimics its effects. The downside? No long-term testing has been done to determine its effects and safety, and the products are super pricey.

  3. Thai Face Slapping

    As the name implies, many are resorting to having their faces strategically slapped by a “professional” in order to firm and tone the skin. Really, we can’t make this stuff up. One treatment can cost $300 or more, if you feel like being slapped around.

  4. Focused Cold Therapy

    “Frotox” claims to freeze the nerves that control the muscles that create wrinkles. One of the concerns is that Frotox is less predictable than BOTOX®, meaning doctors could easily freeze the wrong nerve and relax muscles they didn’t intend to relax. Whoopsies!

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