3 Ways Liposuction Could Improve Your Health

Mommy Makeover

Woman and child It’s no secret that lipo can be a great solution for slimming down specific problem areas like your waistline or double chin. However, you might be surprised to learn that liposuction may have additional health benefits too. Next time you think the advantages are strictly aesthetic, consider these three ways liposuction may actually improve your overall wellbeing in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Lowered Triglyceride Levels

    High triglyceride levels put you at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and may contribute to kidney problems and diabetes. In a study of patients with elevated triglyceride levels, liposuction achieved a dramatic decrease in circulating triglyceride numbers: an impressive 43 percent reduction, nearly twice the improvement seen with a commonly prescribed prescription drug designed to reduce elevated triglycerides.

  2. Complements Healthy Habits

    Liposuction may help motivate you to maintain the target weight you’ve reached by providing positive reinforcement following your weight loss. Body contouring complements your existing healthy habits, making sticking to your diet and exercise plan easier by encouraging you to preserve your new shape.

  3. Improved Self-Esteem

    As long as you have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with liposuction, this procedure can have a positive impact on your self-esteem by finally putting the body you’ve worked so hard to obtain within reach. In fact, in a lipo study published by the National Institutes of Health, nearly 86 percent of liposuction patients reported higher levels of self-esteem following their procedures. Further, almost 70 percent of study respondents said lipo helped them see an improvement in overall quality of life.

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