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3 Tips for a Speedy Recovery after Getting Your New Boobs

New Boobs

New Boobs Once you get a brand-spanking-new pair of girlies installed, of course you want to jump up and enjoy them immediately. Well, hold on, tiger! Not only do you have your health to consider, you have the long-term attractiveness of your new (and not exactly cheap) breast implants to think about. Here are three things to consider if you want to recover from your breast augmentation as quickly as possible.

Don’t Be a Hero

If you’ve been given pain medications by your doctor but think you should push through without them, despite your discomfort, stop. Those pain control meds are there for a reason, and that reason is to help keep your blood pressure from spiking in a way that’s disastrous to the healing process.

You also want to have a recovery area that’s cozily prepared with your limited mobility in mind. If you strain yourself reaching for things, or lifting heavy objects, you could compromise your recovery efforts.

Live Well

Whatever you do, don’t smoke, and go easy on the drinking. Better yet, avoid alcohol altogether until your doctor gives you the green light. You should also eat regularly, and get plenty of protein, vitamins, and complex carbohydrates. Skip the Taco Bell until you’re healed up. Most importantly, get plenty of sleep.

Get a Move On

This doesn’t mean you should hit the gym for a blitzkrieg workout every morning, but you should move around. Walk briskly and get your blood circulating, but don’t strain. You can expect to resume your normal (possibly somewhat modified activities approximately two weeks to 10 days after surgery.

Whatever you do, don’t behave as though you haven’t had a significant surgical procedure. Your goal is to heal, so take care of yourself!

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