3 Things You’ll Be Happy You Did before CoolSculpting®

woman smiling on couch

CoolSculptingIs there anything more annoying than working really hard in the gym, eating healthily and finally reaching your target weight, only to realize that your body doesn’t look quite how you remember it? Ok, so there probably is, but it’s a major drag anyway. Coolsculpting® is a non-surgical procedure that can help sculpt and contour those stubborn areas, particularly if you do what you can to enhance the results.

  1. Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

    Only ever work with a board-certified plastic surgeon’s clinic is one of the best tips you’ll get for any procedure. Not only will you know that your Coolsculpting® will be done safely, you’ll benefit from their expertise in working out how many sessions you’ll need, what attachment should be used and identifying if you’re a suitable candidate.

  2. Take “Before” Photos

    It can be tricky to notice changes in your own body, so taking photos before and after each Coolsculpting® treatment could help you to appreciate just how much of a difference it’s making. Not to mention the Instagram collage you could create when you’re done… Who doesn’t like a little social media praise?

    Make sure to read up on what you can expect during and after Coolsculpting® too – being prepared is essential.

  3. Bring a Book

    Or, if you’re not a bookworm, your iPad, phone, coloring book or another distraction tool. Coolsculpting® treatments don’t take too long, but staying still can get pretty boring. If you want to encourage others to benefit from Coolsculpting® and share your own tips, you could use the time to document your experience and write a review. Or, you know, you could read celebrity gossip and lose yourself in a social networking loop.

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