Why Spring Is Perfect for CoolSculpting®

Womans body

Womans bodyWhether it’s a muffin top or chubby thighs, almost everyone can identify a fatty problem area they wish they could get rid of. While most fat can be successfully targeted with healthy habits and exercise, certain spots just don’t seem to respond. For years, the only option for stubborn fat was surgery, but now CoolSculpting® has revolutionized body sculpting. This innovative procedure offers effective targeting of fat without knives, needles or scars. With swimsuit season quickly approaching, spring is the perfect time to let CoolSculpting® firm up your figure.

Quick Treatment for Your Busy Lifestyle

While liposuction is extremely effective in removing unwanted fat and contouring the body, it is surgery and generally requires at least 7-10 days of downtime, sometimes more. Surgery also opens a patient up to concerns associated with anesthesia and other potential complications.

For busy people who don’t want to commit to a long recovery in the middle of summer or who are concerned about the risks of surgery, CoolSculpting® is a great body contouring solution. The procedure is completely non-invasive yet delivers consistent, reliable results. Scheduling a springtime appointment means you can show off your new shape by the time summer hits, and never worry about surgical scars.

Your Figure Will Improve All Summer Long

CoolSculpting® uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells without harming surrounding skin and tissue. Once the fat cells are frozen, they crystallize and rupture before being naturally eliminated from the body over time. Most patients notice improvements soon after their first treatment, but the peak results occur a few months after your body has had time to metabolize and eliminate all of the frozen fat cells. Patients opting for CoolSculpting® during spring will enjoy a leaner, tighter body just in time for summer.

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