3 Most Common Reasons for Liposuction


Liposuction I’ve noticed a trend among my patients who come in for consultations about getting liposuction in Denver: the same reasons are quoted again and again as motivation for wanting the procedure. Here’s a look at the top three explanations I hear at my practice.

  1. Losing a Size

    Going down by one dress or pants size is a very common reason that my patients come in for liposuction. This is a very reasonable goal that can absolutely be accomplished with lipo. Often, going down a bit in size is much more a matter of the contours of your body more so than your total weight. Lipo is the perfect solution for smoothing out problem areas that are keeping you from fitting into one size smaller.

  2. Those Pesky Love Handles

    The love handles and the muffin top are two of the most popular incentives for seeking out liposuction, and it’s no wonder. The fatty deposits that build up around the waist and abdomen are nearly impossible to eliminate, no matter how careful you are about your diet or how much you exercise. Lipo is ideal for permanently addressing your problem spots.

  3. It’s a Special Occasion

    Wanting to look your best in a swimsuit on vacation, before your wedding or for any other special occasion is a prime motivator for considering lipo. For those patients who want to fine-tune their figure before their big event, liposuction can offer impressive results. Since the results of your lipo should be permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, remember that it’s better to come in earlier rather than later to make sure you give your body enough time to heal before your special day.

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