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3 Fake Fixes for Saggy Boobs (& 1 That Works)

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Fixes for Saggy BoobsAre saggy boobs getting you down? The internet is awash with magic remedies and quick fixes that claim to be the Holy Grail of lifting your boobs but, as with most of these things, they’re not to be trusted. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is – as you’ll see when you read more about these 3 fake fixes. Of course, the fakes don’t mean there’s nothing you can do, you just need to choose the right solution.

  1. Chest Exercises & Push Ups

    As much as you may want it to be true, no amount of chest exercise, push-ups or other workouts will sort out those sagging breasts. Why? They’re made of fat, not muscle. Ageing, the size of your mammary gland and your skin’s elasticity contribute to sagginess, not underworked muscles.

  2. Running Reduces Boob Sag

    Exercise has lots of benefits, there’s no doubt about it. However, running will not give you perky boobs. In fact, if you don’t wear a properly-fitting sports bra when you run, it may actually make matters worse.

  3. Rubbing in Lotions and Potions Can Firm Up Your Boobs

    Ok, so there’s a little bit of truth in this one. Massaging and moisturizing your boobs can improve the skin and slow down ageing, thus delaying the onset of sagging. There’s no magic potion to fix existing sagging (sadly!).

The 1 That Works

If you want to take action to fix sagging breasts, speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon about breast surgery, such as a breast lift. It’s a little more invasive than that non-existent magic cream, but that’s why it works. During a breast lift, your existing breast is tissue is reshaped for a firmer, perkier look and an end to those saggy boobs.

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