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Would You Get a Post-Retirement Tummy Tuck? Um, Why Not?

Older woman sitting on a bench.

Older woman sitting on a bench.Surely, there’s an age cutoff for getting a tummy tuck, right? Wrong! Abdominoplasty isn’t just for young spring chicks. Lots of women and men over 50 opt-in for body contouring procedures as they enter into the next chapter of life.

If you’re thinking about making plastic surgery a post-retirement goal, check out some of the ways that a tummy tuck could benefit you at any age.

Age Is Just a Number, People

Lots of people are surprised that there isn’t a magic number that’ll make or break their chances of getting plastic surgery. When it comes to your safety during any procedure, your overall health is much more important than the number on your last birthday cake.

As long as you are healthy enough for anesthesia and are pretty close to your target weight already, you could be a fine candidate for a tummy tuck during your golden years.

You Could Start Standing Straighter

Tummy tucks aren’t just all about looks, either. You could reap some medical benefits of abdominoplasty, too, like relieving back pain, improving your posture and kicking stress urinary incontinence to the curb.

Your ab muscles are what support your lower back. Tightening them through a tummy tuck could help with back pain and even swayback.

You’ll Have Plenty of Time for R&R

You might have skipped out on a tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedures when your kids were young or when you were just starting your career. But now that you’re approaching retirement, you might find that you suddenly have plenty of time for YOU.


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Would You Get a Post-Retirement Tummy Tuck? Um, Why Not?
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Would You Get a Post-Retirement Tummy Tuck? Um, Why Not?
Are there tummy tuck benefits for older people? RaveBabe says heck yeah and explains why your golden years could be the perfect time for a makeover.
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