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Is Plastic Surgery the Ultimate Bonding Moment?

Mother and daughters standing together in the kitchen.

Mother and daughters standing together in the kitchen.Moms — they’re a girl’s best friend. No matter what, they are always there for you. Including when you get plastic surgery.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right; mom can totally come with you when you get plastic surgery. Hell, she might even join you in getting a little something done.

Just ask Brittani and Mary, a mother-daughter duo from the TLC show sMothered. They opted to have surgery on the same day with the same practice as a way of bonding with each other.

In case you are curious, Brittani opted for a tummy tuck while Mary got an eyelid lift and chest peel. According to the pair, they feel much more connected now.

Should You Get Plastic Surgery with Mom?

Maybe get some med spa treatments with mom instead of plastic surgery? Just saying.

Hey, if you want to, go for it. How comfortable you are with this idea likely depends on just how close you are to your mom and how you view plastic surgery.

If you are besties with your mom and you see plastic surgery as akin to getting spa treatments, buddying up makes sense. After all, who hasn’t gone for a day of pampering with the ladies they love most?

But, if you aren’t super close with Mom, or you see it as more medical, maybe the idea of having a partner will be uncomfortable for you.

Not That Kind of Mommy Makeover

Maybe what you need isn’t a makeover with Mom, but a mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover is a combination plastic surgery procedure meant to address physical concerns you may have after pregnancy and childbirth. What’s in a mommy makeover depends on what you are looking for.

Have your breasts sagged and deflated after breastfeeding? Breast augmentation with a lift.

Is your stomach too rounded for your taste? A tummy tuck.

Do you have excess skin? Skin removal it is.

Basically, your mommy makeover options are only limited by what you want and what your doctor feels is safe.

But What about a Mommy Makeover with Mom?

Listen, if you really want that bonding, mommy makeover moment, go for it. But there are a few things I would suggest you keep in mind.

Remember that Surgery Is for You

I’m sure your mom will be very well-intentioned when she suggests you add a procedure to your makeover or that you change the size of implants you are wanting, but you have to keep in mind, this is for you, not your mother. If you are someone who has trouble saying no to mom, maybe don’t invite her along.

At the Very Least, Opt for Separate Consults

If being wheeled into the OR together is a dream moment you simply cannot give up, that’s fine. But do your consults separately. This gives you the freedom to ask important questions and make critical decisions without feeling judged by Mom.

Know that Recovery Sucks

Sure, the results are worth the recovery, but the process itself kind of bites. You are uncomfortable and emotional. Add an uncomfortable and emotional mom into the mix and things could get tense. Maybe the better option is separate surgeries, but being there for each other during the recovery periods.


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Is Plastic Surgery the Ultimate Bonding Moment?
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Is Plastic Surgery the Ultimate Bonding Moment?
Can you bond over plastic surgery? Cosmetic surgery guru RaveBabe explains that while a mommy makeover option is to go with a buddy, you don’t have to.
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