Tummy Tucks

If You Still Look Pregnant, You Might Need a Tummy Tuck

woman with pregnant tummy

woman with pregnant tummyLosing “baby weight” and getting your body back to its pre-baby shape is a whole lot harder than it sounds. For some women, this is an impossible task without the help of a little plastic surgery. If you’re putting in the sweat equity but aren’t seeing your baby belly deflate, these three benefits of a tummy tuck probably sound pretty good right now.

Get Those Muscles Back in Tip Top Shape

For one UK woman, abdominal muscle separation, aka diastasis recti, left her body looking like it was in a constant state of pregnancy, even well after she’d undergone an emergency C-section to have her son. So she, like other women with this common problem, just couldn’t get her pre-baby body back, no matter how many days a week she hit the gym.

She’s since started a crowd funding account to help with the costs of a tummy tuck after losing as much weight as possible through diet and exercise.

Confidence through the Roof

It can be super disheartening to follow a strict diet and work out six days of the week without seeing any improvements in your physique. A tummy tuck, on the other hand, could give you that boost of self-confidence that’s been hiding under stubborn baby weight.

Combine a tummy tuck with a boob job in what’s called a mommy makeover and really bring sexy back.

Strut Your Stuff

Don’t go another day trying to cover up your belly on the beach or avoiding your reflection in the mirror. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck or combination tummy tuck and lipo so you can get back to flaunting what your momma gave you.


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If You Still Look Pregnant, You Might Need a Tummy Tuck
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If You Still Look Pregnant, You Might Need a Tummy Tuck
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