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How Injectables Can Put Cupid’s Bow in Your Lip

injectables cupid's bow

injectables cupid's bowThere’s a new lip injection trend in town, and this one’s actually not horrible.In case you were wondering, the cupid’s bow is that perfect little bow shape the curves of your upper lip make. Oh, your lips don’t make one? That’s ok, because there’s a lip injection for that.

Keeping Lip Injections Classy

The cupid’s bow trend is really quite the sophisticated way to go about getting dermal fillers in your lips. No duck lips or trout pouts here, this is meant to be a more natural and classic look. The key is in delicately shaping your lips, rather than just loading them full of filler and hoping for the best. We look forward to seeing this toned-down lip-enhancement style replacing the more unfortunate injection jobs floating around on Instagram and elsewhere.

Be Careful Where You Go For Your Cupid’s Bow

The so-called cupid’s bow injection just means having dermal fillers done in a way that creates or accentuates your cupid’s bow.

Because the whole cupid bow lips thing is getting super popular, there are going to be lots of shady characters trying to get in on all the money being spent. Avoid looking like you were hit by a baseball by not attending “BOTOX® parties.” Basically, just don’t have any kind of injections done anywhere other than a practice or spa run by a board-certified dermatologist. You know, someone who actually knows what the heck they’re doing. Much like intimate waxing or fire dancing, it’s important that youdon’t try this at home.

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How Injectables Can Put Cupid’s Bow in Your Lip
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How Injectables Can Put Cupid’s Bow in Your Lip
Wondering how to get cupid bow lips? Don't do anything crazy, because you can actually a gorgeous cupid's bow through injections done just right.
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