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You Really Don’t Want to Risk DIY Lip Injections, Do You!?

woman getting lip injections

woman getting lip injectionsBargain-hunting can be a really rewarding pastime – after all, why would you pay full price when you can get a discount? As some people have already learned the hard way, there are some things in life you shouldn’t cheap out on for fear of things going horribly wrong. DIY lip fillerinjections definitely fall into this category.

Lip Injections Gone Wrong

No matter how steady your hand and how good you think you’ll be at injecting those lip fillers yourself, step away right now. Lip enhancement is not just a matter of “point and click” – you’re dealing with syringes, chemicals and your own health, not a new DSLR camera. If lip augmentationwere that easy, why would aestheticians need qualifications?

When you hear “lip injections gone wrong,” you may think it’s a really dramatic way of describing lumpy fillers, but what it really means is hitting arteries, injecting fake garbage instead of genuine JUVÉDERM and very nasty consequences you really don’t want to think about.

To avoid becoming a “lip injections gone wrong” headline, leave the lip fillers to the professionals.

How to Get Plumper Lips

Plump lips can look fabulous but leaveDIY to craft projects and save the bargain basement prices for that summer swimsuit sale.If you want to boost your lips, book a consultation with a reputable med spa, work out the lip filler that’s right for you and save your experimentation for something that can’t kill you.


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You Really Don't Want to Risk DIY Lip Injections, Do You!?
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You Really Don't Want to Risk DIY Lip Injections, Do You!?
Watching the pennies and thinking you can save by DIY lip fillers?Beauty blogger RaveBabe how this is a recipe for lip injections gone horribly wrong.
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