Are You Down to Try a “Facelift Bungee” to Look More Youthful?

Woman pulling her face back with her hands.

Woman pulling her face back with her hands.As the old adage goes, beauty is pain. But come on. There’s a limit. And for most people, we hope, stretching your face with a bizarre contraption is past that limit.

Why not just get a facelift instead?

Don’t Stretch Your Face

The new “bungee facelift,” designed by a woman desperate to look her best before her son’s wedding without ponying up for an actual procedure, looks more like a modern torture device than skincare. It’s a piece of elastic band attached to two small combs that, when fastened to braids on your head, serve as a way to stretch your face back. But why get a facelift when you can stretch your skin like a snare drum? *Cue eyeroll.*

Just Get a Regular Facelift, Already

A facelift can make an actual difference in the way your face looks. A glorified scrunchie? No way.

There’s no need to subject your skin to this kind of abuse when you could just get a facelift. Seriously, a qualified plastic surgeon will be able to change the appearance of your skin far more than any dollar store contraption will.

A proper facelift can help you combat some of the visible signs of aging, like sagging skin and deep folds. It can also target areas like the neck and eyelids. Can a rubber band do that? Not likely.  

To wrap up: a facelift can totally help you look younger, feel better and you don’t have to suck all of your facial features into a tight bun to do it. So can we please skip the gimmicks already?


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Are You Down to Try a “Facelift Bungee” to Look More Youthful?
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Are You Down to Try a “Facelift Bungee” to Look More Youthful?
Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe wants you to please put down the bungee cord and read about the reasons why to get a facelift instead of a headache.
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