The Buzz on Liquid Facelifts

Liquid Facelifts

Liquid Facelifts These days, there are more options than ever for looking younger. Most recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about “liquid facelifts,” sometimes also called the facelift facial or facial rejuvenation. Whatever they’re called, the bottom line is that they can be an effective alternative to a traditional facelift that helps men and women look refreshed without surgery or scars.

Aging and Rejuvenation

The aging process affects all the facial structures, from surface skin and soft tissue to muscles and bone. The skin becomes looser and less elastic, with changes in tone and texture as well as sun spots and other signs of aging. The muscles also lose strength; this increased laxity is reflected in the skin as well. Changes in bone structure also impact the way aging is reflected on the face.

Traditional facelift surgery addresses these concerns by tightening the muscles, repositioning soft tissue and removing excess skin for a smooth, younger look. A liquid facelift uses a combination of nonsurgical treatments to create beautiful results. Dermal fillers restore lost volume and minimize deep lines and wrinkles, while BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can smooth away crow’s feet and frown lines. There are no incisions, no downtime, and the results are almost immediate. Some people even have liquid facelift treatments after a surgical facelift to help extend the life of their facelift results.

Is a Liquid Lift Right for You?

Does a nonsurgical approach toward facial rejuvenation sound like exactly the solution you’ve been looking for? Although not everyone is a candidate, it’s definitely worth a visit to our office to find out the best treatment approach for helping to maintain your youthful look for longer.

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