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Ain’t No Shame in Your Mommy Makeover Game

Mother holding her baby - Mommy Makeover - RaveBabe

Mother holding her baby - Mommy Makeover - RaveBabeWe all know that motherhood changes you. From suddenly seeing all the hidden dangers at the local park to feeling a primordial need to comfort every crying child, once you have a baby, that carefree clubbing college girl is officially buried. 

Well, sort of. That part of her that always wanted to look her best is very much alive.

Becoming a mother and experiencing the physical changes that come with it doesn’t mean you need to rush off to get surgery to “fix” yourself with a mommy makeover. But what if that’s what you want?

Just Say No to Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt — it’s one hell of a drug. And not fun at all. 

We all know those moms who feel guilty every time they do even the smallest thing for themselves. Get a haircut? Guilt. Replace the shoes with holes in them? Guilt. After all, shouldn’t that money have gone towards the kids?

Nope. Mama needs to take care of herself too.

Don’t lose yourself to motherhood. Taking care of yourself is essential, little ones or not.

Luckily, there are plenty of women showing us how it should be done. Take Madison LeCroy for example. Yeah, she might not be the best role model in all areas of life, but when it comes to taking care of her needs and not feeling shame, she’s doing it right. 

Madison decided to get a full mommy makeover after she spent too many years feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Now, she says she has her confidence back, and it is carrying over into all areas of her life. From being inspired to stay fit to having more energy for the kids, plastic surgery was exactly what she needed. 

Mommy Makeover Shame

Just because Madison did it doesn’t mean you will find it easy to get your mommy makeover without a side of guilt. Really, getting plastic surgery as a mother is taking your everyday mommy guilt and dialing it up to an 11. Just think about it.

  1. You are spending money on yourself. 
  2. And let’s be real here — it isn’t pocket change. 
  3. You’re going to need weeks off from work to recover.
  4. And it will be even longer before you can do stuff like lift the kids.
  5. You’ll need to rely on other people to take over mom duty and chores. 
  6. And you might even worry if you are setting a bad example for your children.

Wow. That’s a lot. Let’s unpack all that.

So, number one: it’s totally ok to spend money on yourself. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a new pair of boobs, spending on yourself doesn’t have to mean depriving anyone of what they need.

Two: you spend every day taking care of others. When it’s their turn to take care of you for a short while, don’t see it as being a burden. See it as shared caregiving. 

Three: Everyone should be pulling their own weight. Asking for help isn’t shameful; it’s how the natural order should be. Yeah, you’ll be requiring a lot of help, but hey, you might just discover how independent the rest of your family truly is. 

Whether or not a mommy makeover is worth it is up to you. But don’t let shame stop you from getting the procedure you need. 

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Ain’t No Shame in Your Mommy Makeover Game
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Ain’t No Shame in Your Mommy Makeover Game
Are you feeling mommy makeover shame? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe says drop the guilt; every child deserves a happy and confident mom.
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