Tummy Tucks

6 Tummy Tuck Consultation Questions for Dummies

Tummy Tuck Consultation

Woman's waist Can you make my stomach look just like Shakira’s? Will this be done in time for my 20-year reunion tonight? I can gain 50 pounds after this and not have it affect my results, right?

All right, maybe these aren’t the best questions for a pre-tummy tuck consultation, but it is important to talk to your surgeon before your procedure to make sure you have realistic expectations about your results.

Here are some more appropriate ideas to get you started:

  1. How many tummy tucks do you perform per year? Pro tip: you want a number on the higher side so you can feel confident your surgeon is deeply familiar with procedural innovations, complications and variables.
  2. Am I a good candidate? A tummy tuck might rank consistently among the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed annually, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a candidate.
  3. What type of tummy tuck do you recommend? When it comes to tummy tucks, you’ve got plenty of options. Ask your surgeon if you should get a full, a mini or something else entirely (like liposuction).
  4. What results should I expect? Find out how you can contribute to the best possible tummy tuck results. Lose a little weight? Swear off your local cupcakery forever?
  5. What are the risks and complications? Avoid any surgeon who pretends a tummy tuck isn’t major surgery, and make sure you get plenty of info what to expect.
  6. Can you show me before and after photos? You’ll definitely want to see pics of patients who’ve had the same procedure performed by your prospective surgeon so you can gauge his or her skill level.

Armed with the right questions, you should find a great surgeon who can deliver equally great results.


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