4 Things Your Boobs Would Rather You NOT Do

Your Boobs

Your BoobsBreast implants, reductions, boob jobs… we’ve all heard of people getting breast plastic surgery and that’s perfectly fine, if done by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The latest celebrity boob-related trends, on the other hand, are best avoided (like so many before them, and plenty more to come!). If you’re not happy with your boobs, they’ll be okay with you having a reputable cosmetic surgeon work on them, but they’d prefer if you didn’t do any of the following.

  1. Duct Taping for a Cleavage Boost

    Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she uses duct tape to achieve great cleavage while wearing a red-carpet dress. While there’s no doubt that she looks fantastic when those outfits are photographed, you’re better off skipping this particular idea. Just imagine peeling it off!

  2. Boob BOTOX®

    BOTOX® can offer great results when administered by a trained cosmetic surgeon and used to diminish brow lines and forehead wrinkles. However, your boobs are not on the approved BOTOX® list. There are some practitioners who will perform “Breastox”, but there’s no proof that this actually works, and it can be expensive to indulge in this dubious habit.

        It’s best to stick to proven methods of breast plastic surgery instead of passing fads.

  3. Nipple Waxing

    Ouch! Do you need any more reason not to contemplate nipple waxing? Okay, you may have some hair there and you may want to remove it, but there are less painful ways of doing it. Ways that don’t potentially involve burns and scars.

  4. Running without Support

    Running braless should be considered a form of torture. It is a terrible way to treat your boobs. Give them the support they deserve and avoid sagging, pain and the discomfort of bouncing breasts as you exercise. As an aside, if you have noticed sagging, a breast lift may help to give your bosom the boost it needs.

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