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Recreating the Nipple in Breast Reconstruction

portrait of a naked young woman covering her breasts with her arms

portrait of a naked young woman covering her breasts with her armsWhen women think about reconstruction after breast cancer, the idea of recreating a nipple often comes as an afterthought. In most cases, a plastic surgeon can recreate a physical nipple prominence as part of the reconstruction process. These reconstructed nipples do not have normal nipple sensation or changes in prominence with temperature or stimulation. To create a natural areola color around the nipple, tattooing can match the shade of an alternate normal breast.

Do Nipple Tattoos Ever Look Like the Real Thing?

Many reconstructive surgeons can also recommend a tattoo artist who understands how to create a natural, 3D look through tattooing. These professionals use their skill and artistry to create a lifelike three-dimensional image of a tattoo that from a distance appears to be a raised nipple.

Just as the skill level of your surgeon is a must for successful breast reconstruction, the skill level of your tattoo artist can go a long way toward creating beautifully detailed nipple tattoos after your reconstructive surgery.

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