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3 Ways You Are Totally Ruining Your Skin & How a Laser Can Help

Happy mature woman sitting outside at a table.

Happy mature woman sitting outside at a table.You’re probably well aware by now that going to bed with a face full of makeup and skipping out on sunscreen are bad news for your complexion.

But if you’re letting these three lesser-known skincare faux pas slip through the cracks, you might want to think about getting some anti-aging laser skin treatments to turn back the clock and kick acne to the curb.

  1. Snoozing on a Dirty Pillowcase

    Do you change your pillowcase at least once a week? Skincare experts say that you should be washing your pillowcase at least this often, and use fragrance-free detergent when you do to prevent acne and redness. Otherwise, think of all the sweat, drool and flakes of skin that could be lurking right under your face. Yuck!

  2. Staring at Your Phone

    Some people swear by sleeping on silk to prevent wrinkles while they slumber.

    Did you know that the blue light that your phone, tablet and computer emit could be causing wrinkles? That’s right—every time you have an Instagram scroll fest, you’re speeding up your skin’s aging process! And the effects may be even worse when you use your phone outside, when the sun’s UV rays can reflect off its shiny surface.

  3. Pulling All-Nighters

    Beauty rest isn’t just a thing of fairy tales. Depriving yourself of sleep is no good for any part of your body, including your skin. Puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles are some of the telltale signs of sleep deprivation that show up on your skin.

    The good news is that laser skin treatments can zap away problems like acne, lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots. Just make sure you see a reputable laser specialist.

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3 Ways You Are Totally Ruining Your Skin & How a Laser Can Help
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3 Ways You Are Totally Ruining Your Skin & How a Laser Can Help
Are anti-aging laser skin treatments right for you? Beauty blogger RaveBabe thinks that if you’re guilty of these skin no-nos, a laser could be the answer.
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