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How to Make a Preemptive Strike Against Wrinkles

woman boxing

woman boxingIt can seem like as soon as that last youthful pimple clears up, the first fine line of adulthood appears. Life cannot just be one slow transition from zits to wrinkles, can it? Can you nip those dastardly wrinkles in the bud and enjoy your clear and youthful face for a freaking minute? Yes. Yes, you can.

Preventative BOTOX® is Totally a Thing, and We Are so on Board

So, BOTOX® works by relaxing those facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. You know, the ones that form from doing things like smiling, frowning and scowling (you just can’t win).  It turns out that relaxing these muscles actually prevents those kinds of wrinkles from forming as quickly. This is just good news all around, and it also explains why people in their 20s are getting BOTOX.

Just Don’t Take Your Anti-Aging Efforts Too Far

The term “aging gracefully” was coined by someone who didn’t know that there would one day be BOTOX.

While it’s pretty much the best thing ever to be able to fight wrinkles before they even start, don’t get too carried away. We’re all for learning how to prevent wrinkles on the face, but too much of a good thing can be, well, bad. Because, let’s face it (pun kind of intended), people are taking this preventative thing way too far. Have you seen some of these people on Instagram? Ladies, the idea is to look more youthful. Not like a prize fighter.

There is a balance somewhere between just throwing in the towel on wrinkle prevention and looking like a mannequin. Talk to a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for advice on taking up arms against future wrinkle invasions.

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How to Make a Preemptive Strike Against Wrinkles
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How to Make a Preemptive Strike Against Wrinkles
Wondering how to prevent wrinkles on your face? Learn how preventative BOTOX can actually help you take a proactive approach to those lines and creases.
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