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3 Ways to Hack Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Like a Boss

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Tummy Tuck RecoveryThere are a ton of tummy tuck recovery tips out there, but if you want to hack your recovery like the boss that you are, there are a few more that you need to know to get the best results.

Get Yourself Some Help

Being a boss is hard work, and so is recovery from a tummy tuck procedure. You don’t need to go it alone. Every president has their VP. Call a friend to help you through your recovery by getting you up and moving, helping you shower and assisting with your compression garments.

Feed Your Body Like a Boss

When you’re laid up in bed recovering from your tummy tuck, it’s easy to order a pizza and call it a night. Resist the temptation and feed yourself with good, nutritious foods that will help your body heal itself. Stay away from anything that’s going to cause pressure and bloating and load up on foods rich in vitamin C and leafy greens.

Stay away from foods like cabbage and beans while you’re recovering.

Don’t Work So Much

You’re a boss for sure, but you don’t need to work like one while you’re recovering. One of the toughest tummy tuck recovery tips to follow is to take it easy and not work for a while. Give yourself two weeks off work to rest and recoup. If you take a well-deserved break, you’ll see your best results.



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3 Ways to Hack Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Like a Boss
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3 Ways to Hack Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Like a Boss
What's the best way to recover from a tummy tuck? Like a boss. Here are the top three tummy tuck recovery tops that you need to know.
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