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Would You Book a Mommy Makeover for Your Dog?

dog dressed up fancy

dog dressed up fancyI know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone book a mommy makeover for their pet? Before PETA takes this idea and runs away with it, there are actually a few solid reasons why certain breeds can medically benefit from plastic surgeries like a tummy tuck (or is a technically a breast lift?)

When Your Pooch Might Need Plastic Surgery

You know those oh-so-cute wrinkles that some breeds like Shar-Peis and Frenchies are known for? Well, unfortunately, those wrinkles can sometimes be a real bother. When they hang over Fido’s brow, the wrinkles can actually impair his vision. Likewise, belly wrinkles can create a breeding ground for infection and other health complications.

In both cases, your pooch might be in need of a lift—literally. Doggy eyelid lifts and “tummy tucks” are actually becoming quite common for this very reason. In fact, humans can reap many of the same medical benefits from plastic surgery procedures, too, in the right situation.

Mommy Makeover Options for Humans

Your dog might not be a candidate for a mommy makeover for cosmetic reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be.

While scheduling a tummy tuck for your dog for purely cosmetic reasons would be a little loopy (okay, a LOT loopy and not a good idea at all), mommy makeover options for humans are a little different. Lots of women feel like they’re just not quite themselves after pregnancy, and, in many cases, all the dieting in the world can’t help them get their pre-baby bodies back. There are even plenty of emotional benefits of getting a mommy makeover, too.

If this is the case for you, you might want to explore your mommy makeover options. But unless he has a medical need, leave your dog at home.


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Would You Book a Mommy Makeover for Your Dog?
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Would You Book a Mommy Makeover for Your Dog?
Bet you never knew that there are mommy makeover options for your pet. But RaveBabe recommends leaving plastic surgery to humans, unless there’s a medical need.
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