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So If James Bond Gets Plastic Surgery, You Can Too, Right?

james bond plastic surgery

Plastic SurgerySome people are lucky enough to have been born with natural good looks. Take former Bond Sean Connery for example. Others of us might be lacking in the looks department. For latest James Bond star Daniel Craig, rumor has it, he recently gave his looks a little boost with a cosmetic treatment or two.

To be fair, plastic surgery for men gets more and more popular every year. What has people talking is the extreme measures his plastic surgeon seems to have taken.

“What Happened to Daniel Craig’s Face”

If you take to Twitter on the subject, you’ll find all sorts of jabs at Dan’s new look, suggesting he’s had lots of “work” done. Most notably, the craggy, rugged brow that seems to fit the part of James Bond so well seems to have vanished from his face. In its place is an oddly smooth, somewhat fluffy face that looks downright weird for a James Bond actor.

A Little BOTOX® Goes a Long Way

So what happened? Plastic surgeons have speculated that Daniel Craig may have gotten a little too much BOTOX® and/or filers. This would account for his frozen and plump appearance at the 71st British Academy Film Awards. The good news is that both of these effects are just temporary and will hopefully wear off before the Bond star shoots his next film.

Brotox, aka BOTOX for men, is hugely popular right now. Just don’t get too much of the stuff.

So the Real Question: Who’s the Hottest Bond

We may have known this for years, but finally, using the Golden Ratio, science has officially named Sean Connery the hottest Bond. Unfortunately, Daniel Craig clocks in dead last. But he is up against some tough competition.


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So If James Bond Gets Plastic Surgery, You Can Too, Right?
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So If James Bond Gets Plastic Surgery, You Can Too, Right?
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