Mommy Makeover

Ready to Lose that Soccer Mom Bod? Here’s How

Ready to Lose

It’s a dreaded Ready to Losemoment for many moms—your kids tell you they want to play soccer, and BOOM. All of a sudden, you’re a soccer mom. Some women wear this like a badge of honor, and others avoid it like the plague. After all, what comes to mind when you envision a “soccer mom”? You’re likely picturing a stressed-out woman with a minivan and a body that can only hint at its former glory.

A Pregnant Pause

The inherent issue with the “soccer mom” bod is just that—you’re a mom. And as much as we love our little tykes, there’s no denying that they do some damage to our bodies coming into this world. Many new mothers find that their post-pregnancy bodies are a little saggier and flabbier than they remembered. This certainly isn’t a problem. As long as you’re comfortable with your looks, more power to you. However, many mothers find themselves longing for the slender curves and feminine figures of their more youthful years.

A Cosmetic Makeover

Fortunately, cosmetic contouring with a mommy makeover can be ideal for adding a little extra “oomph” to that soccer mom bod. A mommy makeover generally combines breast implants (to account for the volume loss after nursing), a tummy tuck (to tighten up that stretched-out midsection) and liposuction (to slim down those stubborn areas of fat that the gym can’t touch). These are the areas hit hardest by pregnancy and are the issues that tend to bug women the most.

While there’s nothing wrong with owning your post-pregnancy figure, if you’re worried that you fit in a little too well with the drooping bodies of your fellow soccer moms, a mommy makeover may be the answer to your troubles.

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