Junk in the Trunk

Get Your Butt Bikini-Ready the Brazilian Way

Butt Bikini-Ready

Butt Bikini-Ready Brazil is famous for its glorious beaches and even more glorious beach bodies. If you plan on flaunting your physique on Ipanema (or any other beach), you have three choices: (1) proudly strut on the sand and show off the bod you’ve got, (2) hit the gym like a maniac, or (3) stroll down to your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon. Door number three? We thought so.

The Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat to create a slightly higher, curvier and firmer shape to the derriere. Not only will you get a little junk in your trunk, but you also get to eliminate unwanted bulges from your thighs, hips or abdomen and redistribute that fat where it can do some aesthetic good.

What Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Do?

The Brazilian butt lift doesn’t just turn your hinder into a pair of beach volleyballs on top of your legs, but instead can completely redefine your posterior region. If your rear is more of a squash than an apple, your surgeon can contour your hips and reshape your bottom to your desired proportions. In other words, the lift isn’t just about increasing your size – it’s about improving your shape.

The procedure itself usually takes approximately 90 minutes, but can take longer depending upon the number of areas the patient wants treated and other factors. Although recovery times vary somewhat, you should plan on at least a week of downtime and about a month before you go shopping for your new itsy bitsy bikini bottoms. In a world where squats and lunges only get you so far, why not surgically hoist up your patootie to eye-popping levels?

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