Mommy Makeover

Could a Mommy Makeover Help You Feel Like a Better Mom?

Mommy Makeover

Mommy MakeoverBetween all the parenting books and unsolicited advice from relatives and even strangers online, you’ve probably got your hands full trying to follow all the “rules” to be a better mom. But what if being the best mom that you can be had more to do with your personal view of yourself than you think?

Cosmetic procedures like a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast enhancement aren’t always all about looks. If you’re struggling adjusting to your new body shape post-kids, you might be able to reap some mental benefits from a mommy makeover, too.

Does the Thought of Leaving the House Fill You With Dread?

You should be able to feel free and happy to take your kids to the park, head to the store, heck—even venture out on a date night or two. You shouldn’t have to feel stuck with nothing to wear—nothing that fits your new curves post-pregnancy, that is.

Feeling like you have to squeeze into a pair of Spanx just to go to the grocery store is no way to live.

This is about more than simply buying yourself a new wardrobe. It’s about feeling good underneath your clothes. If you can’t bear to look at yourself naked in the mirror, do yourself a favor and talk with a trusted plastic surgeon about how a mommy makeover could help.

What’s Keeping You from Being as Active as You Once Were?

Time, sure. That’s an answer that parents will have until the end of time itself. But what else—what’s lurking under there? Is it something like not being able to comfortably fit into a sports bra? Is the size or position of your breasts keeping you from going on long jogs like you used to love? Is excess skin or separated muscle tissue making you loathe tight yoga pants or running shorts?

Reaching your pre-baby weight is a little hard when you feel so constricted that you’d rather do just about anything else than try to fit into some uncomfortable workout clothing and feel even more discomfort with every footfall.

Do You Find Yourself Comparing Yourself to Other Moms?

It’s natural, to some extent, to peek in on other people’s lives and see what they’re up to, how they’re handling this mom thing. But if you look at other moms and think, “They’ve got everything together, they don’t even look like they’ve had kids—and then there’s me…” you’ve got it all wrong.

Loving yourself is the first step to teaching your children to love themselves. And if that means you’ve got to make some big changes like getting plastic surgery to improve your emotional health, then by golly, do it with pride.

Have You Thought about a Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgery isn’t an icky word. And it doesn’t always equate to vanity and frills. Sometimes, it’s downright necessary to help you get your groove back, mentally and physically. If a tummy tuck and a boob job will make you feel more like yourself again, there’s no shame in embarking on a mommy makeover journey—for you and your little ones.

You do you, Mama.


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Could a Mommy Makeover Help You Feel Like a Better Mom?
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Could a Mommy Makeover Help You Feel Like a Better Mom?
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