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Your Vagina Saw that Mommy Makeover & Wants Her Own

Cropped image of a woman in white underwear standing in front of a mirror.

Cropped image of a woman in white underwear standing in front of a mirror.Post-baby, everything changes. And I don’t just mean your daily routine and lifestyle.

No, I mean your body.

Your boobs sag a bit and may have lost volume. Your tummy skin is looser, your muscles laxer and you probably are carrying more fat around your middle.

But these are the things moms sit around and discuss. There are still other changes that, in general, are ignored. Namely, those relating to your vagina and vulva.

Not Everyone Is as Open as Colleen Ballinger

Two years ago, Colleen Ballinger (aka, Miranda Sings) gave birth to her son. And she was very clear that everything was not sunshine and roses.

As she so eloquently put it, her vagina was “shredded” during the labor process. She later went on to clarify in a video posted to YouTube that her labia tore to the point that she essentially has three now instead of two.

While not all moms are talking about it, this and other vaginal and vulva complications can occur after baby. From weakened pelvic floor muscles that cause incontinence to a lack of lubrication, many women wish for their vagina to bounce back even more than they do for their tummy and breasts.

Tell Your Vagina Not to Be Jealous

While it doesn’t get the same publicity as mommy makeovers, laser vaginal rejuvenation is 100 percent a thing. And this little secret is quickly gaining in popularity.

When you look at the statistics, it is easy to understand why. 41 percent of all women experience sexual dysfunction and the psychological stress that brings. Nearly a quarter of all women have some form of pelvic floor disorder. Women of all ages are looking for solutions that don’t require surgery, and laser vaginal rejuvenation offers this.

Most women will experience vaginal changes with or without childbirth. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can help.

The exact method used for laser vaginal rejuvenation will vary by provider, as there are numerous different systems on the market. At its core, it uses laser energy to heat the tissues of the vagina and vulva, triggering the formation of collagen. When combined with cooling, this can help the vagina tighten and encourage greater integrity in the pelvic floor.

This energy is delivered by a probe, which can be used inside and outside the vagina and is able to be rotated 360 degrees, targeting all important tissues. It is considered safe and essentially painless, though every person will respond differently.

The benefits of laser vaginal rejuvenation therapy also vary from person to person. However, they may include:

  • Improved appearance of the vulva
  • Reduced incontinence
  • A tighter vagina
  • Improved pelvic floor tone
  • Improved lubrication
  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Fewer struggles with orgasming
  • Increased self-esteem

Ultimately, most moms, and even most women past a certain age, will stand to benefit from getting laser vaginal rejuvenation. And unlike surgery, there is no extensive recovery period and minimal downtime needed, aside from a short pelvic rest.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you have to skip the mommy makeover. Vaginal rejuvenation can just be part of it. Give yourself what you deserve — including below the belt.

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Your Vagina Saw that Mommy Makeover & Wants Her Own
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Your Vagina Saw that Mommy Makeover & Wants Her Own
Mommy makeovers are great, but while you fixed your tummy, your vag got jealous. Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe covers vaginal rejuvenation benefits.
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