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Your Sunglasses Called: They’d Like a Better Nose, Please

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cool looking woman in sunglassesOkay, so maybe you’re not considering getting plastic surgery to highlight your shades, but you might opt for a rhinoplasty for one of these four excellent reasons to get a nose job.

  1. You Have a Deviated Septum

    You know that little piece of cartilage between your nostrils? That’s called a septum, and it’s actually pretty important. If it’s deviated, or off-center, it can cause a whole slew of health concerns, including trouble breathing and excessive snoring.

    A nose job can correct this problem by repairing your deviated septum to help you breathe better and catch some Zs.

  2. You Broke Your Nose

    Yes, accidents to happen, and when they happen to your nose, they could cause lumps and bumps that you’d prefer not to have. Rhinoplasty can help.

    If you’ve had a little run-in with the pavement, talk to an experienced plastic surgeon right away to help repair the structure of your nose.

  3. Your Sinuses Are the Worst

    If you have sinus problems, such as chronic sinus infections or sinusitis, you could be a good candidate for a nose job. In many cases, these problems are caused by a deviated septum or other anatomical characteristics of your nose that can be corrected through surgery.

  4. You Want to Improve Its Size or Shape

    Sometimes, the nose you were given just doesn’t seem to match the rest of your facial features. If you feel that your nose is out of proportion, or you’d prefer a slightly different look, talk to your plastic surgeon about your rhinoplasty options. Just make sure you’re getting a nose job to improve your self-image, and not for someone else.

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Your Sunglasses Called: They’d Like a Better Nose, Please
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Your Sunglasses Called: They’d Like a Better Nose, Please
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