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You’d Take Advice from a Cosmetic Surgery Doll, Wouldn’t You?

Young plastic surgery doll with marking on a body for plastic surgery.

Young plastic surgery doll with marking on a body for plastic surgery.

You may have seen these accounts already—the so-called cosmetic surgery “doll” who shares her cosmetic surgery journey on private Instagram channels for other potential patients to see. But unlike some other Instagram models who flaunt (and potentially get paid for flaunting) their “work,” these dolls are anonymous. Their purpose, a move toward empowering patients to choose a good cosmetic surgeon.

This sounds all well and good, and there might even be a benefit to scoping out the pages that your potential cosmetic surgeon might be tagged in. But you absolutely, 100% need to branch out from social media when picking a cosmetic surgeon for your tummy tuck, breast enhancement or other procedure. And here’s how to do it.

  1. Check Credentials, Obvi

    This might go without saying, but it’s so important, I’ll say it anyway: Check a cosmetic surgeon’s credentials before moving any further in your research. It doesn’t matter how many social media posts he or she is tagged in, or what kind of specials or deals they’re offering at the moment. The first thing to check is that this cosmetic surgeon has had proper medical schooling and training, has ample experience in the field and is affiliated with accredited medical organizations.

  2. Take Instagram Posts with a Grain of Salt

    Make sure credentials check out before creeping a cosmetic surgeon’s Insta.

    A fancy-schmancy social media marketing team can dress up a bad cosmetic surgeon like lipstick on a pig, so don’t rely on Instagram posts to pick the right one. Do your due diligence first by checking credentials first, then popping around social media pages to see what others have to say about this practice.

  3. Put on Your Sherlock Hat When Reading Reviews

    Speaking of what other people have to say, online reviews are a great place to further your investigation into this cosmetic surgeon’s reputation, experience and skills. But there are a few things to watch out for when scrolling through reviews:

    • Too many fluffy-sounding reviews with similar wording
    • Several reviews from the same person
    • Reviews that are dated a long time ago, with no new ones

    Bonus points if you have a friend or a family member who has had a personal experience with one of the cosmetic surgeon’s you’re looking into. First-hand experiences from people in your circle are as gold as gold when it comes to picking a cosmetic surgeon.

  4. Schedule a Virtual Consult or Two or Three

    Virtual consults make it easier than ever to vet a few cosmetic surgeons in a relatively short amount of time without having to drive anywhere. Once you’ve run through your initial research, it’s time to meet your top picks and play 21 questions.

    Really, jot down a list of questions you want to make sure you ask—about credentials, experience, your specific goals and concerns. Make note of the answers, as well as how comfortable you feel chatting with each cosmetic surgeon. Ultimately, you’ll want to pick a cosmetic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and confident, in addition to checking all the boxes outlined above.

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You’d Take Advice from a Cosmetic Surgery Doll, Wouldn’t You?
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You’d Take Advice from a Cosmetic Surgery Doll, Wouldn’t You?
How do you pick a plastic surgeon outside of Instagram? Beauty blogger RaveBabe has four must-know tips when getting down and dirty with your research.
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